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We teach relevant industry leading technologies, while building the careers of every one of our members.

We are a top IT consultancy firm, delivering businesses socially impactful solutions.

We recruit diverse talent, train and onboard them for your company


Across global chapters

  • School students
  • University graduates
  • Professional networks
  • Worldwide chapters

A pipeline to skilled IT workers


through specialized, hands-on skills training

  • Highly ranked CodeCamp
  • Skills Based Courses
  • Project-Based Learning

Train with passionate developers in a diverse community


We specialize in onboarding for corporations

  • Specialized Training
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Diverse Talent

We equip our developers with skills that fit right into your company!

Mentorship Program

We develop courses, educate and help guide those intersted in programming.
Stay in touch with a mentor thorughout your journey.

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Education Programs

From CodeCamps, and skills based training.
The Minority Programmers pedagogy is to continously learn.

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Diversity+Inclusion For Your Business

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