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Minority Programmers
mission is to bring diversity through STEM education and innovation.

We aim to help marginalized communities access opportunities through events, incubation, education, and capital.

Minority Programmers is an international network of community activists, students, professionals, and developers, unifying together to develop socially impactful software solutions and empower underrepresented communities through STEM education.

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Shadman Hossain


Tahmid Biswas


Jillian Lynch

Hackathon Sponsorship Coordinator

Roshaan Khan


Gideon Nnalue

Software Engineer

Bryanna Turman

Social Media Manager

Jack Vandemeulebroecke

Software Engineer & Instructor

Seef Manj

Technical Recruiter

Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner

Blockchain Advisor

Seemaab Mujtaba

Software Engineer Intern

Sarah Farang

Software Engineer Intern

Wesley Luong

Web Development Intern

Yixuan Feng

Web Development Intern

Fahad Zakir

Software Engineer Intern

Shengqi Zhou

Business Development Intern

Yudi Fitriansyah

Business Analyst Intern

Daniel Kleiman

Grant Researcher Intern

Kaleb Kendall

Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain R&D Intern

Vishal Patil

Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain R&D Intern

Jose Tollinchi

Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain R&D Intern

Taylor Sullivan

Data Science Intern

Zhengtong Pan

Data Science Intern

Sagar Limbu

Data Science Intern

Israel Medina

Graphic Design

Emmanuel Anuge

Graphic Design

Maazin Ahmed

People Operations

Professor Jim Jewett

JMU COB Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ramon Mata-Toledo

JMU CS Faculty Advisor

Myles Patterson

Chapter Events Coordinator

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