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Minority programmers association

Code, Culture, and Community.



We are an international network of developers unifying together to build socially impactful projects & spread STEM education to marginalized communities.


We are a place for minorities to come meet friends, gain guidance, and learn relevant IT skills to become a world leader in tech.


Complete turnkey decentralized vertical integration for scaling minority startups from ideation to large scale businesses using decentralized protocols.


We are a one-stop-shop for companies to recruit, train, and onboard diverse talent that cares about advancing the community through technology


We are a lifelong community run platform that gives minorities access to opportunities via ideas, resources, mentorship, education, and access to capital





From ideation, to build, to investment, we provide turnkey vertical integration for minorities to deliver products to markets.



MPA's team of developers get applications that scale delivered to the people.

MPA crypto team are specialist in the latest blockchain solutions.

MPA Business team improves business functions, prioritizing revenue, strategic partnerships, and corporate social responsibility.

MPA Operations teams deals with the day-day nontechnical tasks.



Bryanna Turman

MPA hits different. Its a whole gang of coders trying to put on for the world.

Bryanna Turman, Social Media Manager

Seemaab Mujtaba

MPA is the most fun work experience I had and I always had a place to express my ideas!

Seemaab Mujtaba, Software Engineer Intern